Have you encountered the following difficulties in global procurement?

Please trust and choose Zber. We will help you seek the Chinese supplier that meets your requirements through global top-level procurement management tools like Ariba and Chinese professional procurement team. Meanwhile, we will help you carry out supplier certification, field inspection, and assist your business negotiation and signing.

Service content

Why can Zber do ?

  • Abundant high-quality supplier resource database: thousands of high-quality suppliers help you find out global excellent suppliers and build the "circle of friends" of the global supply chain.

  • Professional supply chain sourcing teams are working on sourcing strategies. Professional and standardized procurement management process greatly saves the cycle of supplier’s development, review, procurement and negotiation.

  • Quality assurance: we set up the supplier access funnel and carry out 5 levels of screening so as to find out the better resources than your existing supplier’s resources.

  • Aggregating the supply chain tools such as Ariba Sourcing, Ariba Discovery and etc. With best practices and management ideas of the global top 500, we help you achieve cost reduction, efficiency improvement and quality upgrading.

  • Quality localization service: we provide global network collaborative training, network coordinated deployment and comprehensive trade services for the suppliers. We help you coordinate with your suppliers.

Service process

Buyer submits sourcing requirements
Requirement evaluation
Signing the agreement between Zber and Buyer
Zber selects quality suppliers
Audit supplier’s qualification
Zber provides competitive quotations
Report of sourcing service

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